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OUR LEGACY - "Judged by our humble beginnings, they should have been wary of our enormous vision..." - Frankie Mooney, CEO
5051 (often stylised as 50:51/50fiftyone/5051 Worldwide)  was founded in 1997 as an integrated e-commerce, music and sports entertainment company with its headquarters located in Glasgow, Scotland. Initially representing it's underground philosophy, 'do-it-yourself' work ethic and an ability to think outside of the box, 5051 pushed the boundaries of what was allowable and acceptable. The label's iconic Marketing & Mayhem campaign in the late 90's/early 00's broke new ground and positioned the company as a pioneering force in creative independent promotion gathering fans and garnering increased attention from all across the world.

Celebrating 25 years, the avant-garde group commands respect from various industry and are in high-demand as creators, producers, organisers and consultants. The famous black and white insignia adorns flags in UK, Europe, US and Africa symbolising it's original philosophy that underpins the company's continuing ability to pioneer and succeed through direct-focused effort.

5051 is a complete in-house development proud to boast many on our talent books from website designers and software programmers to music producers and film directors as well as artists, musicians, photographers and sports athletes. These eclectic individuals and many more contribute creative, technical and organisational skill to our own projects and those we consult for. Operating in multiple countries, we frequently engage with individuals and organisations from sole proprietors to NGO and multi-national corporations.

5051 have a strong social responsibility which is why we work with social enterprise initiatives, cultural preservation and youth development programmes both in the UK and Internationally. The group consult at both design and launch stages as well as operational processes requiring time and effort at considerable cost. The ethos of 5051's philanthropic endeavours is and always will be that the individual or community we are supporting will bear no cost and that skills and knowledge needed to become self-determined be taught.

The company pillars were always e-commerce and marketing. Staying a breast of cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends and executing methods to reach our audience best has always been at the heart of our business. Our scope of expertise has expanded since 1997 where as a small start-up in the Clyde Valley of Scotland the company was helping local bands, business and sports groups build an online presence, now as a creative powerhouse boasting  a Creative, Technical and Digital Agency, Publishing House, Sports Entertainment, Live Event & Media Operation, International Training Seminar Group, Artist & Tour Management Agency and a world leading Consultancy firm, our work is known and respected in the public, private and education sectors and we are highly-sought after experts by Government agencies.

25 years on, our work is mostly referral only. We are doing great work in all corners of the world with partners and passionate people who we have built long-lasting relationships with and who we now consider family.

We are open to exploring new areas where we can make a difference and impact in a positive, powerful way. Of course, we are always open to adding more passionate talented, purposeful people to our family.

So why not get in touch? We would love to hear from you.
Let us know what you do and why you think it can help us.

We are 5051 Worldwide and this is our legacy.

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