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UPW Renegades
Get ready UK! Underground Pro Wrestling brings it's flagship event to your city featuring all your favourite wrestlers like the Aerial Assault Assassin Kid Krazy, The Chosen One, Tony Demolition, The Ultimate Commander, UPW World Heavyweight Champion Bannilux Bulldog and many more!


29/07/09 UPW Revolution of the Commonwealth
Kelvinhall International Sports Arena, Glasgow, Scotland

1) Boris Chernov (Soviet Wrecking Crew) defeated Freddy Da Funk (Disco Biscuit) 2) In tag team action The Soviet Wrecking Krew defeated Disco Biscuits 3) In an exhibition match Dave Incredible defeated Kriss Tornado 4) Bannilux Bulldog defended the UPW World Title against Nathan Raynolds. 5) The Ultimate Commander defeated Mike Musso to win the UPW Commonwealth Championship.

11/12/07 UPW Coup D'├ętat
Civic Centre, Lanarkshire Scotland
1) In singles action Jimmy Starr (Team Summit) defeated Cougar Kid 2) Mike Musso (Team W3L) beat Disco Biscuit  3) Tony Spitfire (Team Spitfire) defeated Mike Musso 4) Dave Incredible v Kriss tornado ended in Disqualification after Kid Krazy and Bannilux Bulldog invaded the ring 5) Iceman beat Kid Krazy in an extreme underground rules deathmatch 6) Bannilux Bulldog (Team UPW) defeated Magnus (Team TNA) to win the UPW World Title.
7) Invincible won a 10 man battle royal.

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