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Embrace The Ending

Sometimes videos don't transfer the emotion or communicate the undertone of what really happened and in it's in these instances where 'a picture is worth a thousand words' that we present to you this montage of an epic journey that would lead the Arial Assault Assassin Kid Krazy to the moment he would face the Hardcore Icon Iceman in an extreme underground rules deathmatch at UPW Coup d'├ętat.

A saga over a decade long, a cult tale spread through the crevices of the wrestling world. Played out online and on national TV sooner or later many watchers-on claimed Kid Krazy would need to stand up and realise that destiny cannot be escaped.

An inevitable fate, perhaps...Or an irresistable one. A ten year struggle culminating in a grandiose sacrifice of self for the cause he valiantly stood for. We pose the question 'did Kid Krazy actually win by not-winning?'

History has shown Kid Krazy makes a habit of his other worldly tellings symbolically and perhaps his final stand was a mere distraction to weaken the British Elite whilst simultaneously attacking vicariously through The Bulldog? The Psychopathic Ninja is a well-honed strategist and well hearsed in the Art of War. As Kid Krazy returns to the Iga mountains to train and kuji-in it leads us to another question that if the mission is complete, is there a cause for Kid Krazy to return?

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