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Frankie Mooney C.Ht
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Frankie Mooney is a Certified Hypnotherapist,
HMI Honor's Graduate, Director's Award Winner,
Entrepreneur, CEO & Best-Selling Author.
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Smoking Cessation

Help to stop smoking is one of the most popular reasons why people seek out a hypnotherapist. The great thing about hypnotherapy is that it's proven to work, has an extremely high success rate and it's totally drug free.

Seeing a hypnotherapist for help may be the last thing people actually get serious about considering after everything else fails. You should know, most people who see a hypnotherapist and quit their habit wish the hypnotherapist was the first person they picked up the phone to call, years ago.

Warning: There are side-effects when you stop smoking. It will make you look better, feel great and smell amazing. Your sense of smell and taste will return allowing you to enjoy wonderful food, drink and breaths of fresh air again. Your bank balance will increase, your freedom will once again be granted and you will no longer be a slave to the disgusting, harmful habit of smoking and the tobacco companies stranglehold over your mind and hard-earned finances. Your self control will return and life will get better. If you do not wish to experience these positive, wonderful side-effects of becoming and remaining forever, a non-smoker don't enter Frankie Mooneys' Smoking Cessation program. This will truly change your life for the better, forever and only those truly ready to break the chains of slavery need apply.

My name is Frankie Mooney and I'm a Certified Specialist in Smoking Cessation. If you've ever had the experience of meeting a smoker who says they have tried hypnosis and said it didn't work, or said that they started smoking again after only a few days of it "wearing off" or that they couldn't be hypnotised, know that this was simply the poor work of a general hypnotist. Someone who, unfortunately and unknowingly, had hypnotised someone to believe these things. The general hypnotherapist actually hypnotised that person to believe that they couldn't be hypnotised, it's truly wild because that is what they will still believe to this day. I have helped thousands of people and most of the work I do when we first meet is in undoing the poor work that other hypnotists have done, the things that make my job more difficult. But once that's out the way, change is effortless and painless and my clients experience a greater life. The fact of the matter is everyone can be hypnotised, no exception. As a Certified Specialist, I am not a generalist. That means you won't simply experience relaxation in your sessions with some added positive suggestions. Although you will be completely relaxed and you will receive positive suggestions, the difference that will make the difference for you will be the tools, techniques and approaches I employ and you will learn that will rewire your brain and allow you to retake control of your body chemistry and regain your freedom.

Your investment for a smoking Cessation session is £265
Rates will vary for clinic, office, home-visits, telephone and online video.
The price above is based on a private one to one session in person in Wishaw

Before anything begins, we will have a chat to ensure us both that we're right for each other and that I am actually the best Hypnotherapist for you. Once we are all set you are welcome to join me in my clinic, office or we can begin with you in your own home where we will truly begin to reshape your life and equip you with the tools to return to being a non-smoker using the power of hypnosis. These sessions typically last 60 minutes - 90 minutes and there is no limit to the number of sessions that you may require. The smoking cessation is instant and immediate and it is common for clients to continue to want to work with me on other aspects of their self improvement and issues they may be experiencing in their life can be explored. Sessions are held in the strictest of confidence and the privacy of my clients is protected at all times.

Cash, Bank Transfer and Paypal are accepted.
Please read the terms and conditions of service.
Tel: 01698 355262
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