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What is Psychotechnology?

psychotechnology   saɪkəʊtɛkˈnɒlədʒɪ] psy·​cho·​tech·​nol·​o·​gy
'any application of technology for psychological purposes or to any way of using psychological processes for a desired outcome.'

The brain can be likened to that of a computer and like any computer, runs programs. Programs can be installed, run, edited, overwritten and deleted. As human beings with a computer-like mind we have many programs running on a daily basis, all of which importantly contribute to our effectiveness of how we show up in, interact with and operate in the world.

Like any computer, there is an Operating System. Consider for a moment that the Operating System is your culture. Each person is born and raised as part of a culture and as a result will take on the majority of it's beliefs and values. These beliefs and values, different and varied but nonetheless inherent in every culture, shapes an individuals entire perception and determines how one sees and understands the world.

Running on the Operating System of our brain, as well as programs responsible for creating and maintaining the environment, we have 'Apps' and 'Plugins' that provide strategies for carrying out specific tasks. Some are so popular and shared by many that we could view these as being Factory Installed or OEM (Original Equipment of Manufacturer).

Over time computers become outdated and often when they get a virus, the system can become corrupt or data can be destroyed, they slow down, have an inability to perform as well as they used to and when faced with newer tasks are unable to work at all. Where faulty programming is present, vulnerabilities can be exploited whereby the user's system is used to carry out malign activities. Much can be said of the human mind in this respect and it is important to upgrade the software of your brain often to ensure optimum performance.

There are methods that can be employed to identify belief systems, move and shape them. Outcomes vary dependent on the nature, desire and intended purpose of the agent.

Specialist interest in changing the way individuals think, act and behave range from;

  • Sales executives looking to communicate better with their customers and help them make better buying decisions.
  • Managers and leaders looking to motivate and coach their teams to achieve higher performance.
  • Doctors, therapists and counsellors looking to make therapeutic changes in their patients lives.
  • Sports coaches and athletes interested in attaining peak performance.
  • Marketeers, advertisers, branding and public relation professionals looking to get the edge in their pitches and presentations.
  • Politicians and Government who address the public regularly looking to form and shape public opinion.

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