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As well as exclusive online courses, books, CD's and DVD's, Frankie Mooney aims to bring his teaching to as many people across the world through his live events.

Frankie Mooney's events provide an unprecedented opportunity to experience the creative infinite potential live. This is about learning how to live an epic life. How to embody success and transform yours forever. Whether you're looking to increase your wealth or spend more time on things that make a bigger impact in the world or make more fulfilling relationships and have more loving relationships, achieve more, have more and maintain better health and prosperity to enjoy life, Frankie Mooney is passionate about helping you get the most out of your life. Join Frankie as you both explore deep learnings for change. This is your defining moment.
Your Defining Moment
Join Frankie in the Hollywood Hills, LA for 2 days that will help you transform your life. In this 2 day workshop Frankie will deliver high impact coaching for those looking for that much needed super boost! Attendees also receive VIP tickets to his Las Vegas stage show.
INDIA | MARCH 14-15, 2020
Leadership Retreat
If you're looking to get more out of yourself or your team, are a high impact player, brand ambassador or Director. There are some unique traits that a leader must have to deliver success.
ITALY | JUNE 6, 2020
What is Reality?
Explore Shamanic altered states of consciousness and learn how how to tap into the incredible power and creative reservoir of your mind to facilitate effortless change in yourself and others.
Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
The study of the subjective experience. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used by Government, Sales and Marketing Departments, Politicians and anyone looking to get an edge in communicating effectively. Time to give your brain the upgrade it needs and this is the first step.
LONDON | OCTOBER 14-15, 2020
Psychotechnology Masterclass
Join Frankie Mooney for 2 full days of learning Psytech and it's various applications. This is ideal for anyone in the professional personal development field, sales, medical or dental or anyone looking to get control back in their life.
Limited Availability. Reserve Your Seat Today.
Venue, itinerary and fees are confirmed for delegates upon enquiry.
Group Coaching Intensives
Frankie wants to offer you a space where miracles can happen.

For over 20 years, Frankie Mooney has been fascinated by the human experience. So much that he has dedicated his life to exploring it's conditions and has worked with some of the most innovative and progressive thinkers of our time. His one on one work has been described as 'transformative' where clients have started new businesses or turned existing ones around. Other clients have found loving partners and made fulfilling relationships, repaired old ones or are now fully committed to being the authentic self they knew was inside all along. It's amazing what can be accomplished and realised when you have a guide.

With Frankie Mooney's Group Coaching Intensives, You are the agenda – igniting your potential and unleashing your possibilities in every area of the world. Clients have reconnected to passions and experienced tectonic shifts in their life resulting in freedom from previous sufferings and a waking of the soul that allows the spark of the creative infinite potential to ignite and burn bright.

"I've trained hundreds of thousands of leaders, experts and thought-leaders but Frankie's work and leadership in the industry impresses me. The world is in chaos right now and we need more leaders like Frankie Mooney to handle it. I like his work."

Raam Anand
Stardom Alliance

You may apply to have a group run exclusively for your team, work group, or family. These typically are first come, first served and dates are available on request. Groups will be led by Frankie Mooney and typically have a maximum of 8 participants. They run from 10am to 5pm and there will be breaks throughout the day. The cost to participate is £5000 and includes a one on one session with Frankie Mooney which will be scheduled when you order.

In order to get the most out of the program we recommend that you at least have an introductory exposure to his work.
You can read more about psychotechnology, read his books, follow his blog and enroll in the Faculty of Psychotechnology.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future and wish you all that you wish yourself.

Frankie & The Frankie Mooney Team

"Working with Frankie, I started a 6 month coaching program that helped me find my grounding in my business.
I managed better, lead better and made executive decisions more confidently. My business became stronger and I noticed this change in myself. I was making a big impact and making lots of money. I continued to work with Frankie for some time after that. That was 5 years ago and Frankie is still in my corner. He works with my team now. We face hardships like any other business but now we approach those times with courage. I trust I know what to do, I trust my team know what to do, we tackle those challenges accordingly. I strongly recommend you work with Frankie if you ever have the chance. Travelling to Nigeria, meeting myself and my team was a wonderful memory we will never forget."

Udeme Okoko MD, De Eagle Best Nigeria Ltd

+00 0843 289 5041
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